How are we managing the risk?

1. Capital

We decided to start the business with our own capital of 60 million.
We want to give some figures from the laws of Switzerland:

- The basic requirements for a license for an insurance company: minimum capital requirement - CHF 3 to 20 million, depending on the sector (Insurance Supervision Act (ISA)).

- The bank must have a fully paid-in share capital of CHF 10 million (art. 15 para. 1BankO).

So, by the fact, we are several times stronger.

2. System

The smart system being worked on by a very talented team. Millions of tested possible scenarios using Blockchain technology.

3. Foundation

We are sure that same of the Crypto go up, and some disappear from the market. It's the only possibility to manage the risk if you are working with different Crypto at the same time and understand how each Crypto is built.

So on behalf of our team, we strength can say: we manage your risk!